WinCleaner One-Click Software

May 6, 2016 at 7:30 pm

If you are looking for ways to increase your computer performance, WinCleaner One-Click might be your answer.  When you have tried the traditional routes of defragmenting, running a disk cleanup and removing spyware, but you are still have PC performance problems, you need to look into cleaning the registry of your computer.  A registry can harbor old, orphaned and misplaced information.  If you are experiencing sluggishness, error messages or even system crashes, invalid registry keys may be to blame.  The safest and easiest way to clean a registry and increase your computer’s functionality is to use registry cleaning software.

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What is a Registry Cleaner?

Registry cleaner software is a software program people install or run on their computers which helps clean out the Windows Registry of errors or registry keys that are non-functioning, lost and orphaned registry keys from the countless times a program is installed and later uninstalled and registry keys placed there by viruses and other malicious invaders to allow the malicious programs to control the computer.

When a user notices his computer is slowed down considerably, for example when starting a software program which used to open and start much faster and now it takes ten times as long to start, it is a sign of a “dirty” registry or other such problems. If, after other solutions do not work to speed up your computer, using a registry cleaning program could help speed things up a bit.

The cleaning software is either installed as a program into the program folder located within the Windows system files. This is an installation as any other program would install onto your computer. However, some cleaners simply download and run without needing installation, which is generally preferred because it is the installation behavior that leaves behind orphaned registry keys.

The cleaner, once installed or run, runs a program that scans the Windows registry and compared the registry keys to all of the known keys of the Windows operating system. Any that do not belong are scanned and compared against any programs that are installed on your operating system. If any do not belong to these programs, they are shown to the user as a possible key that does not belong on the operating system or is not part of any needed program and advises the user to delete the key.

Wincleaner One-Click

WinCleaner One-Click software is extremely user friendly and installation of the program is simple.  The software has the ability to clean not only your registry, but it will also tidy up your internet files, startup programs, junk files and any cookies that may be stored on your PC.  It features a diagnostic tool that warns you if failure of the hard drive is imminent.  A temperature monitor alerts you if the hard drive is getting too warm.  The diagnostic tool also has a system in place to let you know if the capacity of the hard drive is nearing its limits.  In addition, it offers a feature that enables you to easily uninstall programs and applications.  Some programs are stubborn and do not uninstall as easily as others, but this cleaning software will remove even those.

When it comes to cleaning the registry, you want to be able to effectively remove keys and files from your hard drive.  WinCleaner not only makes this possible, but it also provides a recovery option in case you remove an item by mistake.  You should, however, always create a backup of your hard drive prior to removing or changing any pertinent files.  A backup utility is not provided with this software, so you will need to use the one that came with your operating system.

The cleaning software also offers special tools to increase available memory and storage, organize files, optimize the registry, and defragment specific, user chosen, files.  In addition to these features, the software provides a pop-up blocker and an anti-virus program.  Both of these can be extremely useful.  Viruses can do a lot of damage and pop-ups are a common route that viruses take to get into your system.  This program comes with a built-in manual.  Additionally, you can register your product online.  Once you log in, you can access a FAQ section to answer your questions and a help forum that provides solutions for problems that you may be experiencing.  The software comes with Auto Update so that you will always be running the program at its best.

WinCleaner One-Click is an affordable way to restore your computer to optimal conditions.  It will improve the performance of your system, boost your start up time and safely get rid of unwanted files.