Photo Scanners by Epson

May 10, 2016 at 5:33 pm

When people start looking for a photo scanner they quickly find that many of the top models available are made by Epson.

Having so many options in photo scanners just from Epson makes it easy to compare features across the various models. You can see what you get and what you don’t at the different price points. Comparing image scanners across manufacturers often can be a bit more difficult as it can be hard to determine how similar certain features are like image-enhancing technologies.

If you are shopping for the best scanner for photos and are considering a Epson there are a few choices. Here I will list most of the bestselling Epson scanners and try to break down the key differences between models.

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FACT: Epson’s photo scanner models increase in features and price alongside the model number. So the V700 has more features and a higher price tag than the V300.

Most Popular Epson Models

The Epson V300 is one of the cheaper photo scanners that can still handle film and slides. Compared to pricier Epson models it does not feature Digital ICE and does not come with Adobe Photoshop Elements.

The V330 is very similar to the V300 in features but does include ArcSoft Scan-n-Stitch Deluxe software for scanning large items. A good cheap alternative to a larger scanner.

The Epson V500 offers the Digital ICE technology (dust and scratch removal) for film scanning along with a step up in optical resolution over the V300. Photoshop Elements is also included with purchase.

The V600 is very similar to the V500 except it offers Digital ICE for both film and photo scanning. A good medium value photo scanner and a great digital slide converter.

The Epson V700 is a very high quality photo scanner designed more for film and slide scanning. It has a higher optical density rating than the V600 (improved image quality) and can handle 3 times more slides in one run. It can also scan large-format film. Comes with LaserSoft Imaging SilverFast software in addition to Photoshop Elements.

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Tips on Photo Scanning

Whether you buy an Epson photo scanner, a Canon scanner or something else even, here are a few tips to help you with scanning your photos.

1. Read the scanner manual.

If you have a new scanner or have never scanned a photo before, take a few moments to read through your scanner’s manual. I know, it isn’t terribly exciting, but familiarizing yourself with the scanner and how it functions will make the process easier in the long run.

2. Clean your scanner and photos

Just a little bit of dust will be easily picked up when you start scanning, so make sure you clean off the scanner’s glass before you start. Never use a paper towel and Windex! You want to use a lint-free cloth and just wipe gently in one direction.

Same goes for your photos. Wipe them off gently with a lint-free cloth to remove any dirt and dust. Compressed air will also work.

3. Test your scanner

Before you run off and start scanning 50 photos in a row, do a few test runs and see if you are happy with the results. If you are unsure of what resolution to use to scan your photos, try scanning one photo at 3 to 4 different resolutions and see if going higher makes any difference (300 dpi is a good starting point).

The higher the resolution you use to scan, the larger your file sizes will be and the more time it will take to scan. So less is more within reason – you still want good scans.

4. Batch scan if possible

Most photo scanners will allow you to scan multiple photos at one time. If so, do another test run to see how many photos you can place on the scanner bed at once without the scanner merging pictures. Scanning in batches will save you some a fair amount of time.

5. Organize your files

Make sure you save all your scans to a particular folder. Even better is to save the images into subfolders based on the time period or subject in the photos. This will make future retrieval easier.