Choosing the Best Printer for Your Home

April 11, 2016 at 3:40 pm

Based on the lists of bestselling printers, it seems most people opt for an all-in-one printer, also known as a multifunctional printer. The price to have a printer that is also capable of scanning, copying, and faxing really isn’t that much greater anymore so it makes sense why people would prefer a multifunctional item.

Imagine having an all-in-one device that can print, scan and fax for for less than $200! If you do a lot of work from home or just like to stay organized, having all this functionality at your fingertips is really great.

But every good thing comes at a cost, even if it is monetary, so what you gain in functionality you may lose in print quality or compactness. The good news is that there are many great printers for sale at affordable prices.


Tips on Buying a Printer

When buying a printer there are a few main specs you will want to consider to find the best printer for your needs.

1. Speed – how many pages can the printer produce per minute. If you will be printing in bulk, this is an important feature to evaluate.

2. Resolution – if you will be printing documents for your business, print clarity will be important. Likewise, if you are shopping for a photo printer you will be most concerned with the quality of the images printed.

3. Footprint – printers come in various sizes so you need to consider how much room you have available.

4. Functionality – are you looking for a document printer only or will you be printing a lot of images. Would an all-in-one printer with copying and scanning capabilities be more useful?

5. Ink Type & Costs – if you will be using your printer solely for documents then you can probably lower your costs by finding a black and white printer. Color printers will offer more versatility but will require multiple ink cartridges. The cost of ink cartridges is also something to consider.

6. Output sizes – there are printers that can print larger-size documents and photos, up to 11×17 inch.

Top Brands of Printers

In the world of printers there are a few different players, but there are really 3 to 4 which seem to stand out.

Canon, probably best know for their cameras, also have some of the most popular all-in-one printers. You can expect good photo quality results with Canon printers.

Epson was an early leader creating inkjet printers. They continue to be a dominant player, and like Canon, are known for the image quality of their products.

HP (Hewlett-Packard) was creating electronic and scientific equipment all the way back to the 1940s. Along with Canon and Epson, HP was one of the first producers of the inkjet printer.

Brother actually got their start manufacturing sewing machines, but has branched out considerably. Today they are probably best known for their multifuntional printers.

These 4 companies continue to produce some of the best printers currently for sale.