WinCleaner One-Click Software

May 6, 2016 at 7:30 pm

If you are looking for ways to increase your computer performance, WinCleaner One-Click might be your answer.  When you have tried the traditional routes of defragmenting, running a disk cleanup and removing spyware, but you are still have PC performance problems, you need to look into cleaning the registry of your computer.  A registry can harbor old, orphaned and misplaced information.  If you are experiencing sluggishness, error messages or even system crashes, invalid registry keys may be to blame.  The safest and easiest way to clean a registry and increase your computer’s functionality is to use registry cleaning software.

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What is a Registry Cleaner?

Registry cleaner software is a software program people install or run on their computers which helps clean out the Windows Registry of errors or registry keys that are non-functioning, lost and orphaned registry keys from the countless times a program is installed and later uninstalled and registry keys placed there by viruses and other malicious invaders to allow the malicious programs to control the computer.

When a user notices his computer is slowed down considerably, for example when starting a software program which used to open and start much faster and now it takes ten times as long to start, it is a sign of a “dirty” registry or other such problems. If, after other solutions do not work to speed up your computer, using a registry cleaning program could help speed things up a bit.

The cleaning software is either installed as a program into the program folder located within the Windows system files. This is an installation as any other program would install onto your computer. However, some cleaners simply download and run without needing installation, which is generally preferred because it is the installation behavior that leaves behind orphaned registry keys.

The cleaner, once installed or run, runs a program that scans the Windows registry and compared the registry keys to all of the known keys of the Windows operating system. Any that do not belong are scanned and compared against any programs that are installed on your operating system. If any do not belong to these programs, they are shown to the user as a possible key that does not belong on the operating system or is not part of any needed program and advises the user to delete the key.

Wincleaner One-Click

WinCleaner One-Click software is extremely user friendly and installation of the program is simple.  The software has the ability to clean not only your registry, but it will also tidy up your internet files, startup programs, junk files and any cookies that may be stored on your PC.  It features a diagnostic tool that warns you if failure of the hard drive is imminent.  A temperature monitor alerts you if the hard drive is getting too warm.  The diagnostic tool also has a system in place to let you know if the capacity of the hard drive is nearing its limits.  In addition, it offers a feature that enables you to easily uninstall programs and applications.  Some programs are stubborn and do not uninstall as easily as others, but this cleaning software will remove even those.

When it comes to cleaning the registry, you want to be able to effectively remove keys and files from your hard drive.  WinCleaner not only makes this possible, but it also provides a recovery option in case you remove an item by mistake.  You should, however, always create a backup of your hard drive prior to removing or changing any pertinent files.  A backup utility is not provided with this software, so you will need to use the one that came with your operating system.

The cleaning software also offers special tools to increase available memory and storage, organize files, optimize the registry, and defragment specific, user chosen, files.  In addition to these features, the software provides a pop-up blocker and an anti-virus program.  Both of these can be extremely useful.  Viruses can do a lot of damage and pop-ups are a common route that viruses take to get into your system.  This program comes with a built-in manual.  Additionally, you can register your product online.  Once you log in, you can access a FAQ section to answer your questions and a help forum that provides solutions for problems that you may be experiencing.  The software comes with Auto Update so that you will always be running the program at its best.

WinCleaner One-Click is an affordable way to restore your computer to optimal conditions.  It will improve the performance of your system, boost your start up time and safely get rid of unwanted files.

When Your Computer is Slow

April 19, 2016 at 12:20 pm

If you own a computer you certainly know that over time it is only natural that your computer does not function as well as when you first purchased it. Every computer becomes slower with time until one day you realize that the speed our your PC has become unacceptable. At that point most people either look for a solution or just buy a new computer.


But before you do the latter, you can learn how to fix and avoid slow computer performance by taking a minute or two to read the information contained below. If implemented, these tips should help in boosting the performance of your PC dramatically and you will hopefully find that the frustration you currently have with your computer will become a distant memory.

By performing regular maintenance on your computer to remove all the unnecessary junk and to reorganize necessary information, you can go a long way to avoid experiencing your computer running slow. Without routine clean-ups it is inevitable that you will experience slow computer performance. Don’t wait for your computer to slow down before acting – set up a schedule for ongoing maintenance to keep your computer in top-notch condition.

Defragmenting Your Hard Drive

Do you know when the last time was that you defragmented the hard drive? This should be done as often as possible to guarantee optimum performance.

Each time you copy or create a file, windows is going to allocate a space for it on the hard disk. New files get written to the next space which is available, but this may not be sufficient due to other files in proximity on the drive. If there is not enough space then the files get split and data is spread out. As more and more files get added it is easy for the hard drive to become completely fragmented thus slowing down response time.

By regularly defragmenting the hard drive all the pieces of your files will be placed back together and the overall performance will be much faster. The majority of computers have disk defragmenters installed as standard programs, you just need to choose when to carry out the task.defrag

You should also consider defragmenting your registry as this can also contribute to slow computer performance. Each time a program is installed, information gets added to the registry. A registry defragmenter is not the same application as a disk defragmenter. You may need to locate a specialized program to download and use.

Removing Background Programs

It can be useful to ensure that no programs run in the background which takes up system resources unnecessarily. To do this go to the “run” application and type out the word “msconfig”. You will then be given a list of currently running programs as well as be informed as to which applications start when the computer is first turned on.

You need to be careful that you do not accidentally terminate essential programs needed for the operating system to work correctly. Only turn off those applications that you are one hundred percent certain that you do not require. It is often the boot time that brings the biggest frustration. In fact, when a computer is slow it is not unusual to be able to go and make a cup of tea and drink it before the PC has completed started up!

Junk Files and Anti-Viral Software

Did you realize that over the months and years our computers can easily get filled with junk information and files which are never accessed or needed? To remove this problem you should do a disk clean up. This can also get rid of duplicate files and irrelevant short cuts. It is often amazing the difference this can make to speed. Also, memory may become available which can be put to other purposes.

It is also very important to back up your data on a regular basis. Should you lose your hard drive from a virus or just a malfunction, it is possible you could lose everything. An external hard drive is a must-have for keeping your data backed up.

Also, do you have an anti-virus program? This can often cause a PC to respond very slowly to commands when the scan is taking place. Alter the settings so that it searches for threats when you are not using the computer rather than when you want to do work. Alternatively, consider another program that might not affect your computer’s speed (check online reviews for more info).

Computer Tablets – Apple vs Android

April 13, 2016 at 3:46 pm

There is no doubt that tablets are the hot electronic item of year. Th release of Apple’s iPad in the spring of 2010 exposed a hungry market for these portable devices.

While the iPad still dominates the tablet market, there are many other players who are making a name for themselves and new players seem to jump in every week. The biggest competition to the iPad so far are Android tablets, based of a modified Android operating system that runs many smartphones.

Windows-based tablets are also appearing and gaining market share as tablet enthusiasts realize the advantages of having a tablet that can run all of the software that their laptop does. With all of the tablets on the market and the continual influx of new options, shopping for a tablet can be be a bit overwhelming.

tablet wars

Comparing Tablet Models

When shopping for a tablet there are a lot of features to compare. Here are some of the key things to evaluate.

Operating System

There are 4 main operating systems (OS) at this time. Apple’s iOS, Android, and Windows. Choosing between those four often comes down to compatibility with other devices. If you have an Android-based smartphone then you may prefer to have an Android-based tablet. If you want to use your tablet like a smaller version of your laptop, then you may prefer a Windows tablet.

Within a given operating system, you still need to compare OS versions, primarily with Android tablets. Many of the cheapest Android tablets have older versions of the Android OS. It is likely that an older version will eventually be updated but there is no guarantee on how quickly that will happen. The newest OS versions will obviously have the most bells and whistles.

Screen Size

The majority of tablets come in either a 7 inch size or a 10 inch size, with a few outliers. This can make a big difference depending on how you plan to use the tablet. Movie watchers prefer the larger screens while book readers can get away with smaller sizes. The best 7 inch tablets are more portable than a 10 inch tablet. In general, you will save money by going with a smaller screen but you may feel limited by the viewing size for some applications.

Processor Speed and RAM

Just like any other computer, tablets come with CPUs that vary by manufacturer and speed. The better the processor and the larger the RAM, the faster the tablet. The differences may seem small for simple tasks, but if you plan to watch movies or do more complicated tasks, a little extra speed is important.


All tablets have WiFi capabilities but not all have 3G or 4G connectivity. If you plan to travel with your tablet and won’t have WiFi access, having 3G available could be very important.

Storage Size

Here again, you can save money by going with less but in the end you may regret it. Make sure when choosing a tablet that you will have enough space to store all your music, movies, books and whatever else you have. Also note that some tablet models come with a storage expansion slot (SD card).

App Markets

If you are big on apps then you will probably be happiest with an iPad or Android tablet. They have the biggest market of apps at this time.


Is there a camera? Is a keyboard included? Be sure to check what accessories are included.

Convertible Tablets or Laptops

laptop tablet

Another thing to consider…convertible tablets! A convertible tablet is part tablet, part laptop.

Basically, the screen part of the laptop can be removed and used like a tablet. When you need a keyboard, snap it back together and you are ready to go.

It’s a very neat idea but these convertible units haven’t quite taken a foothold in the market yet. Maybe it’s because the options are still limited. I think the idea has a lot of merit though and could imagine laptops moving this direction since the tablet market has become so popular.

A convertible tablet computer provides the best of both worlds. You can use it just like a regular laptop or netbook or you can detach the tablet part and be more mobile.

Tablets have become a very popular item. But if you need to do more than just surfing the internet or reading emails, the lack of a keyboard and positioning of the tablet can be a disadvantage over a netbook.

The convertible tablet provides the advantages of a small laptop with the advantages of a tablet by giving you a choice in set up. Thus far the convertible tablet market is a bit limited but here we will highlight the best convertible tablets for the year.